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Posted By on March 15, 2013

The boys were getting their stuff together for an experiment in Science and Jacob came running in. “Mom!, I think Ruth is having her babies!” I was surprised by this because number 1, I wasn’t sure she was even pregnant and 2, if she was pregnant she wasn’t due till the next day. Just caught me off guard. We ran out and she was cleaning up a baby!

It's a girl!

A few minutes later one of my dog clients showed up for her appointment. Fortunatly she lives up the road and I was able to attend to Ruth before starting on the dog. We moved her and her baby to the stall in the barn and I got her some molasses water.

I was almost finished with my dog when Jacob called from the barn telling me to come quick because Ruth was having another baby and something was wrong. When I got there sure enough there was another one and there were legs kicking frantically but no head! On her next contraction I helped her get him out and got him breathing. Really glad the boys were doing their Math in the barn! I really thought she was only having a single because again…I didn’t really believe she was pregnant. Surprise!

It's a boy!

So because it was National Pi Day we decided to name them after famous Mathematicians.

Momma love!

The girl is named Emmy after Emmy Noether. Albert Einstein said that she was “the most significant creative mathematical genius produced since women gained access to higher education”. Pretty high praise. So we had to name the little boy Albert after the man himself.


I have 3 more due today and one on the 25th if she is pregnant so stay tuned.

Y’all come back now!

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I am a work at home Mom of two of the best boys ever. I am a Nationally Certified Master Groomer and have been grooming out of my home for the last 12 years. We have recently moved to Greenbrier Tn on 27 acres. We are new to the "homesteading thing" but we are excited to learn. We hope to be filling our farm with many critters and a garden. We are homeschoolers so everything is a unit study to us. It has been fun to see the boys help Dad cut firewood. We will also be learning how to build a chicken coop in the near future as well. I have been making handcrafted soap lately as well and I am seeing an improvement in that business as well. It is all natural vegetable and goat milk based soaps. Can't wait to share this experience with everyone.


5 Responses to “More babies”

  1. Heather says:

    Yay Ruth!!! I loved meeting her – she’s a sweetheart :) Emmy and Albert are so cute! Glad the births are going well.

  2. Kris Vazquez says:

    I love the names of the babies! You are one busy lady! I agree with Tracy – glad to see you blogging again, love to hear about your life on the farm! Take care!

  3. Elaine says:

    Thanks Tracy! I lead a charmed life that is for sure. I have to go pinch myself again.

  4. Tracy says:

    … and SO glad you have started blogging again !

  5. Tracy says:

    SOOOOOO darn neat!