All things work together for good.

Posted By on March 26, 2013

Yesterday was a very eventful day. I noticed that YooHoo was acting really frantic when I went to milk in the morning. Technically it was her due date if she was pregnant. I did not think she was pregnant at all. There were no signs and she has never been pregnant since her C-Section 3 years ago. Truth be told she is probably my favorite naughty goat. She is “special” and we have been through a lot together.

Well the day dragged on. I was checking on her every hour and trying to get the boys to do their school work and chores. Plus it was Samuel’s birthday! I made beef tips and rice for him and a Banana Pudding Cake.

At 4:00 pm still no progress. By now I am wearing my friend Karen out. She agreed to come and look at her after her chores. About 6 YooHoo really started pushing. At 6:40 I saw the cord come out and still no baby. I found the feet and pulled with each contraction. It was a giant female kid. She was beautiful but not alive. Karen arrived and helped walk me through what to do. Then she told me to get my bottle baby and bring him to her. While I did that she attended to Yoohoo. She gave me tips to help her accept this baby as her own. It helped everyone. It helped Yoohoo to have a nursing kid to stimulate contractions to eliminate the placenta. It helped her not to greive her lost baby, and it helped a little goat who needed a mother. It also helped me to not bond so strongly to this little goat to the point where I could not sell him. I dreamt all night about Romans 8:28, that all things work together for good, according to His purpose. God is good! I am very sad about the lost kid but rejoicing that she is fostering the other kid that had been rejected.

Baby girl

foster baby

Y’all come back now!

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I am a work at home Mom of two of the best boys ever. I am a Nationally Certified Master Groomer and have been grooming out of my home for the last 12 years. We have recently moved to Greenbrier Tn on 27 acres. We are new to the "homesteading thing" but we are excited to learn. We hope to be filling our farm with many critters and a garden. We are homeschoolers so everything is a unit study to us. It has been fun to see the boys help Dad cut firewood. We will also be learning how to build a chicken coop in the near future as well. I have been making handcrafted soap lately as well and I am seeing an improvement in that business as well. It is all natural vegetable and goat milk based soaps. Can't wait to share this experience with everyone.


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  1. Karen says:

    I’m so glad that I can be, in any way, helpful and supportive. You are such a great “farm mom” to all your animals.